GVS Prepaid provide a full range of support services to e-money program managers to enable them to issue innovative emoney products in a compliant manner cost effectively.

E-money issuance

GVS Prepaid will act as issuer of record for EU based prepaid programmes. Currently our preferred markets are the UK and Ireland but we will look at partnership opportunities across the EU where there is potential for scale. We will support closed, RAN and open loop schemes right across the product spectrum of prepaid from gift to GPR to banking lite and other applications.

Regulatory Compliance

As part of our role of E-money Issuer we will manage the function of regulatory compliance to programme managers. This will encompass advisory service, liaison with regulatory authorities, approval of product terms and conditions, approval of all product collateral, compliance auditing service and regulatory risk assessment and monitoring.

E-money Treasury Services

GVS Prepaid will be the treasurer of all e-money issued under programmes supported by our issuing licence. We will provide all transactional services linked with the e-money holding and provide advice on treasury policy. We will also provide all regulatory financial reporting to both regulators and clients.

Consultancy Services

GVS Prepaid Limited brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the prepaid space and will provide consultancy services in relation to the regulatory environment facing prepaid, business modelling and market assessment.