we are

GVS PrePaid

GVS Prepaid is an authorised
E-money Institution with the ability to passport throughout the EU.

We are a principal member of Visa Europe.

We are a third party program manager within the European regulated emoney market.

GVS Prepaid Limited is a group company of TSC Ventures Limited which is the owner of the One4all Gift Card brand. GVS Prepaid is a regulated entity focused on supporting the TSC Group and other third party clients in issuance of emoney products in the European market.

We provide full emoney issuance services including money management, regulatory compliance services and regulatory advice services. With our dedicated compliance resources, our mission is to ensure our managed programs are compliant with relevant legislation at all times. Through a group membership, GVS Prepaid is a member of the Prepaid International Forum (PIF), the principal trade association for the prepaid industry (www.prepaidforum.org)

How we started

GVS Prepaid was originally established to take over the issuance of the TSC group's group e-money products providing a more flexible, development orientated and compliant environment for e-money issuance. GVS Prepaid is operated by people who understand the business behind e-money.

Where we are going?

We are continuing to support the e-money programs of our group companies while expanding our third party e-money issuance business. Our first third party clients are two leading petro-retailers who have entrusted GVS Prepaid to manage issuance of their gift card programs.

We are now expanding our client portfolio to include management of closed loop, restricted access network and open loop schemes issued under an e-money regulated environment.

Core competencies

What underpins our business partnerships is - a business focus ethos – a highly skilled regulatory compliance capability and competitive pricing that supports business set up and development.